Food For Restoring Your Natural Hair Color Naturally By Boosting Melanin Production
Health benefits of jaggery

Health Benefits Of Jaggery

Jaggery is an unrefined sugar product obtained by boiling the raw, concentrated sugar cane juice till it solidifies. It is also known as “non-centrifugal sugar because the nutritious molasses are not removed while processing. Also it is considered as a healthy replacement for sugar because there are different plant minerals and phytochemicals preserved in it […]

Plant Milk Substitutes

List Of Best Plant based Milk Substitutes

Plant based Milk substitutes: Research shows that over the past decade there is a changing need in the demand for the dairy products. Therefore, food product development is creating a newer alternative of healthy foods with high nutritional values. Everyone is aware of the nutritional profile of the Cow’s Milk. But despite its winning nutritional […]

Some Of The Incredible Benefits Of Cow’s milk

Some Of The Incredible Benefits Of Cow’s Milk

Benefits of Cow’s milk It is a well-known fact that Cow’s milk has been associated with good health since ages. Cow’s Milk is considered as one of the most healthy drinks because of a large number of nutrients present it in. Also it is highly consumed amongst the many kinds of milk available. Although all […]

7 Most Common Workout Mistakes That May Sabotage Your Health

7 Most Common Workout Mistakes That May Sabotage Your Health

Common Workout Mistakes Exercise is the best therapy as it reduces the risk of heart diseases, prevents you from depression and anxiety and serious diseases like cancer. Exercise also helps in boosting your daily energy, makes you feel refreshed and slowdowns your aging process. Nonetheless, there are many workout mistakes made by 70% of individuals exercising. […]

Learn About The Endless Benefits Of Figs

Fig is amongst the oldest fruits consumed by humans and there are endless benefits Of Figs.  Fig is the most delicious dry fruit generally loved by everyone. This dry fruit has endless benefits, as it is rich in minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. They are also a good source of vitamins A, […]

Apple is Not Just A Fruit, But Solution To Your Various Health Problems
Yoga For Knee Pain

Yoga Exercises That Helps In Controlling The Knee Pain

Are you feeling pain in your knees? Knee pain is very acute and common these days due to modern lifestyle followed by people. Earlier it was seen only in aged, but now it can be seen in adults, teenagers and aged. Thus, knee occurs in early age mostly due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, we […]

Regain Your Natural Skin Complexion

Home Remedies To Regain Your Natural Skin Tone

Have you lost your rosy-cheeked complexion with which you were born? Is your skin complexion lost and became dull with time? This can be due to work stress, regular exposure to sun-light, due to climate change, pollution, etc. Don’t get tensed, we have some miraculous home remedies that can help you regain your naturally fair […]

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne

Every girl has one common enemy, i.e. Acne.. Am I right??? Acne is a common skin problem that affects people of all ages. There is no definitive cause of acne but surely there are some things that may cause acne, they are Sleep deprivation, too much stress, unhealthy eating habits and a hectic lifestyle can also cause acne. The […]