7 Most Popular Good Luck Charms That brings Positivity And Good Luck Into Your Life

7 Most Popular Good Luck Charms That brings Positivity And Good Luck Into Your Life

Our home is where our heart is and we all want our home to be full of positivity and happiness. Therefore we make all types of subtle and not so subtle changes in our home to make way for good luck to reach us. We have been using the good luck charms from thousands of years for warding off the evil and attracting good luck and success. The good luck charms or symbols are some common household or decor items that can be used to bring positivity into our life.

Here are 7 most popular good luck charms that you can entice in your home to bring positivity and good luck into your life.

1.Tortoise/ turtle

Tortoise/ turtle- Good Luck Charms
Image Source- Makaan.com

Tortoise is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu is considered extremely auspicious. Furthermore, Tortoise is a symbol of a tranquility, longevity, endurance, strength wisdom and peace. It is believed that tortoise increases family harmony and brings good omen to our life. According to Feng Shui placing a turtle ornament/ statue in the Northern area of your home is auspicious.

2. Money plant-

Money plant-Good Luck Charms
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According to vastu money, plant activates positive energy in our day-to-day lives by reducing anxiety and stress. Furthermore, Therefore, according to Feng shui placing money plant in the north zone inside the house can help attract good luck. In particular, make sure to place it inside the house and not outside the house is open to attract wealth and prosperity.

3. Laughing Buddha-

Laughing Buddha- Good Luck Charms
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Laughing Buddha also knowns a Buddha of happiness is the most commonly used Feng Shui cure. It is a symbol of joy, well being, children, happiness, health and wealth. Furthermore, according to feng shui laughing buddha should be placed facing towards the main door of the house or at the entrance facing towards the west.

4. Horse Shoe-

Horse Shoe- Good Luck Charms
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Horse Shoe is considered as one of the most powerful good luck charms because it is made of iron and the devils are scared of iron touch. Placing horseshoe at the entrance wards away the evil and brings good luck and prosperity. According to feng shui always place the open end of horseshoe facing in an upward direction so that the good luck contained within them does not fall out of the bottom!.

5. Lucky bamboo-

Lucky bamboo- Good Luck Charms
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Bamboo is considered as widely recognized lucky charm according to Feng shui. It is used either as a plant or as decorative material. Also, Bamboo is a symbol of peace and good luck. Bamboo with three stalks is said to bring happiness, wealth and longevity to the owners. It is also said that the more strands a bamboo plant has the more luck it brings. Therefore, place the bamboo plant in the east or south-east corner of your home to welcome good fortune.

6. Four-Leafed Clovers-

Four-Leafed Clovers - Good Luck Charms
Image Source- wired.com

Four-Leafed Clovers are the Irish ancient symbol of good luck. Moreover, the four leaves stand faith, hope, love, and luck respectively. These 4 leaf clovers are found very rarely i.e 1 in 10,000, but if you find one then you will always be blessed with good luck, wealth and happiness. Also, there are many variations of clover that have four leaves but the lucky ones come from the white clover plant.

(Note – If you want to be sure that you have a true four-leafed clover, then check if three leaves are of same size and the fourth one is slightly smaller in size).

7. Dream Catchers are such beautiful good luck charms-

Dream catchers - Good Luck Charms
Image Source- legomenon.com

Dream catchers are considered as one of the most powerful good luck charms. A dream catcher is hung on the window and they are supposed to catch bad dreams and pass good dreams. Furthermore Good dreams bring prosperity, happiness, good luck and balance in life. Hence, Hang a dream catcher inside your office or home window to keep bad luck away.


Apart from this, we need to bring positivity internally. Here are some tips :

7 Practical tips to bring positivity to your life :

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