7 Common Behavioral Traits Observed In PUBG addicts

7 Common Behavioral Traits Observed In PUBG addicts

I am pretty sure that you all must have heard about the “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” Popularly known as PUBG developed by a PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole. This is an online multi-player battle royale played on 5 different servers across the globe. PUBG has become one of the biggest hit of the year making people insanely addictive. Although it is a fun game which provides users with a fun and engaging gaming experience. PUBG game has got teens and youngsters hooked to it and has made them addictive to a great extent. In terms of psychology, you can call it a bandwagon effect where word of mouth publicity is very strong and compelling. You must have seen that nowadays wherever you go (office, schools, coaching, home, etc) you find 70 percent of teens and youngsters involved in PUBG.

So based on my observation, I composed a list of 7 common behavioral traits of the PUBG addicts –

1. Sleep deprivation –

Sleep deprivation
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When you are addicted to a certain thing, you just keep on doing it for the whole day and night. Same is the case with the Pubg addicts, they are so addicted to this game they don’t get a feel to take rest or have a sound sleep. They are playing this game at the cost of their sleep. They are soo super addicted to this game that they don’t realize the time and are awake till late or sometimes for the whole night. This is a serious problem as it’s not just a matter of a day or two but the story of every single day. They must understand that sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems like depression, anxiety, aging, heart problems, neurological issues, etc.

2. Starving-

Pubg Addicts Starve
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Addiction is defined as the dependency on a particular substance or thing, Here an addictive substance is a Game that people don’t realize the hunger Pangs in their stomach. They don’t feel like eating anything for hours or sometimes for the whole day. They just have a hunger of playing more gaming sessions. This may badly affect their health. Starving causes a high loss in muscle mass and water weight from dehydration. Also, the body goes into a conservation mode slowing down your metabolism drastically.

3. Hallucinations-

Pubg Addicts Have Hallucinations
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It’s an observation that the work you do for the whole day or if you think about anything in particular for a long time then you also see it in your dreams which keeps you deprived of a peaceful sleep. Same is the case with PUBG addicts they are so involved in this game that while sleeping also they keep on shouting or talking because they think they are in the game. Also, they get hallucinations about the game in the day while being awake. For example, while riding their bikes, or car they feel like somebody will shoot them and they try to escape from there in every possible manner and might get in some serious trouble. The game takes over their mind’s controlling power. Lack of sleep also causes such hallucinations which are not good for your health.

4. Furious-

PUBG Addicts Becomes Furious
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Playing PUBG affects your mind in such a way that you become fierce and aggressive every time you are dead in game. I have seen people becoming aggressive while playing, they even start shouting in an untamed manner on their playing partners irrespective of the place they are sitting. The game addiction makes them so violent that they can’t bear the pain of losing it at any cost.

5. Professional Life Affected-

PUBG Addicts Professional Life Affected
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The PUBG addiction is not just restricted to home or personal space, but it is also affecting the professional lives of many. Because of sleeping late at night or not sleeping at all, many of them show up late in the office. Not just this, they cannot be reluctant about the game at the workplace as well. They keep on playing for the whole day in the office as well. I have seen people in office not even paying attention to important work details delivered by their boss or some co-worker. Such kind of addicts doesn’t feel any sense of responsibility towards their work. If they don’t realize it soon then, their Job could be at stake.

6. Social Life Affected –

Social Life Affected For Pubg Addicts
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The people playing PUBG forget that they also have a family and friends in the real world. These game addicts are often seen isolating themselves. By doing so, they may lose their important and close relations. They forget their real squad because of the Pubg squad.

7. Generates Diseases-

Game Addicts Generates Diseases
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This game addiction is inducing an increased level of stress among all age groups. Youngsters getting addicted to these kinds of games confront a high chance of getting either mental or physical diseases or even both. And because of the pressure of winning the game, people take a lot of stress. Hence end up generating some serious health issues.

I know many of you might be going through this situation. These people are simply squandering the important time of their life on such frivolous things. A game can be a small part of your daily routine and not your daily routine. Remember you don’t have 3 lives in the real world that will give you a second or third chance to live. So Don’t spoil your life on such useless things.  

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