Hidden Signs That Guys Give With Short Text Messages

7 Hidden Signs That Guys Give With Short Text Messages

Do you love someone??? Are you dating someone?? What does it mean if a boy sends you one-liner as text messages or really short text messages?? Do you want to know what he feels for you? Did you know messages they do, also have some hidden signs meaning in them??? If not, then you should try to find out what those one-liners text actually mean??

You can learn what men mean when they send you these common texts:- 

  • (Hidden Signs 1) Hey/ Hi/ Hello :- That sounds funny, but if a guy sends you this message i.e hi, hello, hey, or just like this then you can be very sure that he was dying to talk to you and so was just trying to  start a conversation with you, because he really had anything important to talk to you then he would have asked you directly in the first message without simply saying hi. So this message means he has nothing to talk to you in genuine but still wants to talk to you. If a guy often do this then it is a sign that he’s into you.Hidden Signs 1- Hey/ Hi/ Hello

  • (Hidden Signs 2) Two/Threemessagese consecutively :- If it takes you longer to respond to one text message he sends you and meanwhile he sends you another message without waiting for your response then he definitely likes you. To carry on the conversation for long without any disruption he keeps on sending messages without waiting for response being impatient.Hidden Signs 2- Two/Three message consecutively 


  • (Hidden Signs 3Regular Good Morning:- If a guy sends you good morning or good night message on a regular basis, then it means he is totally into you and he wants to start or end his day by wishing you. This means you’re the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up or last thought of the day when he sleeps. This means he likes you or wants to date you.

Hidden Signs 3- Regular Good Morning

  • (Hidden Signs 4) I can’t make it: If a guy always cancels the plans at the last moment or doesn’t want to go out with you and text you like this then it means he is not interested in you at all or don’t want to date you and always drops the plan on last minutes. If this happens once or twice, then there can be a reason, but if it happens often to then simply kick that guy out of your life.Hidden Signs 5- I can't make it 
  • (Hidden Signs 5) You up for the day:- This is a clear indication that he is asking you for a make out. He wants to have sex with you on that day. If a guy asks you this then it’s typically a request for sex or makes out. This usually happens if you’re dating that person or have been in a relationship for long.Hidden Signs 4 - You up for the day :


  • (Hidden Signs 6) K /OK:- This is the worst text message that is done or received. It is not a good thing to text like this. This k or OK means that the person is very busy and have no time to type a big message and so he ends the messages in one letter because there is no such reason discovered to make such short single letter text. The person might be busy or might be angry sometime and simply want to end the conversation with you by sending you ok or ok. So don’t expect the conversation to continue and better end the conversation for that time. 

Hidden Signs 5- K /OK 

  • (Hidden Signs 7) If he doesn’t reply :- If a guy doesn’t respond to you at all, he could be busy or if this happens on a regular basis that he stops responding anytime without informing or giving you any reason for it than babe, he is not interested in you or you are not in his priority list. 

Hidden Signs 6- If he doesn't reply

Like girls, guys are not confusing and difficult to interpret so the conclusions can be made from this kind of text messages easily. Unlike you, He talks logically and without adding up any kind of emotion, it will be easy for you to interpret what he thinks.

(Note:- This is simply the analysis, not any factor proven record)

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